GovernanceThe Qatar Genome Programme Committee oversees all activities of the programme. It comprises of high profile scientists and researchers specialised in different areas related to genomics and precision medicine.

Role Name Position
Chair Prof. Asma Ali Jassem Al-Thani Dean of College of Health Sciences
 - Qatar University
Director of Biomedical Research Center - Qatar University, 
Chair of Qatar Genome Program Committee
, Board Vice Chairperson - Qatar BioBank
Member Dr. Ahmed El- Magarmid Executive Director of Qatar Computer Research Institute
Member Dr. Ajayeb Al Marri Chairperson, Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathology
Member Dr. Ena Wang Divisional Chief of Translational Medicine, Sidra
Member Dr. Joel Malek Assistant Professor of Genetic Medicine, 
Director, Genomics Core, WCM-Q
Member Dr. Rashid Al Ali Deputy Chief Research Officer & Division Chief - Biomedical
Informatics, Research Branch, Sidra
Member Dr. Omar Ali El- Agnaf Acting Executive Director QBRI, 
Scientific Director, Neurological Disorders Research, QBRI - Qatar Biomedical Research Institute
Member Prof. Lotfi Chouchane Assistant Dean for Basic Sciences
 - Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar