The Qatar Genome Programme (QGP), hosted the inaugural ‘Handling Genomic Data Symposium’ in collaboration with Sidra Medical and Research Centre from April 17 to18.

استضاف برنامج قطر جينوم مؤتمر "التعامل مع بيانات الجينوم" في أبريل 2016 والذي جمع نخبة من الخبراء لمناقشة عصر الجينوم والرعاية الصحية الشخصية والطب الدقيق

The QGP symposium brought together industry experts and renowned geneticists to discuss the clinical interpretation of genomic data, governance, and responsible sharing. At the Qatar National Convention Center.

This symposium is to follow the 2014 event which provided a platform for over 150 scientists and researchers to exchange knowledge and expertise on the latest regional and global genome programmes and discuss the ethical, social and legal implications of the development of genome programmes.

Genomics is a rapidly developing branch of research on the study of the structure and function of our genomes. The QGP aims to establish a reference genome map for the local population, where unique features of a person’s genetic makeup are identified and analysed.

Dr Asmaa Al-Thani, Chair of the Qatar Genome Committee said, “The Qatar Genome Programme has made great strides in the recent launch of its pilot phase, an initiative which draws on the collective efforts of the biomedical research community in Qatar to provide an integrated collaborative work environment.”

She added, “The study of genomics will give our community easy access to personalised healthcare at a reasonable cost. The time has come to shift our focus from research to implementation.”